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QWER is Australia's First AI-powered Job Search Platform

QWER Candidates

Welcome to QWER, my name is Karthik Malla and I am the founder of QWER. I came to Australia as a student 8 years ago. As a student I faced a lot of trouble finding a job. With most recruitment agencies only helping professional jobs and permanent residents I wasn't sure where to search and how to search.

While searching on classified sites there were a lot of junk posts, scam posts, and few job posts that are legit but filled with thousands of views in just a few minutes and each time I submit my resume I either never hear back from them or they reply back saying they already found someone.

I don't believe there aren't enough jobs in Australia rather there wasn't an easy way to find them.

So, I built QWER ( an AI-based job search engine with the sole motto of helping every person in Australia find a job faster, better and with almost of no effort.

During this pandemic there were many students who lost their jobs and spending an extensive amount of time applying for jobs. I am a Software Engineer and Artificial Intelligence enthusiast, as many people complain that AI will take over most of our jobs I came up with an idea of how to use the same AI to help us find a job.

In a nutshell, you don't have to search for jobs, apply for jobs, chase the recruiters. At QWER, the AI engine will do it all for you.

How it works? When a company posts a job, QWER's AI engine will check if you have the right skills for this job or not and when there is a match your resume will be automatically be shared with the company. So, you don't have to put up an effort to search & applying and companies don't have to wait for months to receive applications.

If you are looking for a job, just create your CV at it takes less than 15 mins and your phone will ring when there is a job that fits you.

With QWER companies are hiring faster, cheaper, and better.

Join QWER and find your dream job without moving your fingers.

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