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How it works

how it works flow chart
Register For An Account
Register for a QWER account, it takes less than 15 minutes.
Create Your Profile
Update your profile, add your experience, qualification and other information in the experience page.
Auto Generate Your CV
View your stylish auto generated CV and confirm details in your CV and adjust it accordingly.
Recruiter Can See Your CV
When a recruiter posts a suitable job for you, they receive recommendation of your CV along with other best candidates.
Recruiters can see your profile data and CV to check your skills. Additionally recruiters can also search CV's based on skills, experience, occupation, location, visa status to find your details.
Get Job Recommendations
Every time a new job is posted on QWER, our AI engine will check your match score and sends you recommendations of jobs that has high confidence.
Recruiters Can Contact You
With recruiters having access to your data, they can contact you when there is a suitable job for you and check your interest. This happens even though you haven't applied for their job.
Apply Jobs
Start searching for available jobs or wait for recruiters to find you.
Get Interviewed & Hired
QWER's AI technology reduces the amount of screening and provides a match score based on the confidence level.
This helps both candidates and recruiters saving their time of reducing the candidate filtering before the interview process.
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