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Business Transformation Specialist (GRADUATE)

Business Services Managers
586 days ago

Business Unit: Operations Excellence
Reports To: NAC Consulting Directors or General Manager
Direct Reports Nil

Delivering Operations Excellence and Business
Transformation in the Asia Pacific region. NAC
Consulting offers high-quality solutions specific to
customer needs, specialising in Financial Services.
We are committed to facilitating knowledge transfer to
create organisational resilience and provide business
leadership to navigate change.
At NAC Consulting individuals are encouraged to think
of new ideas and try them. Processes and procedures
are fluid. We understand there is no one right answer
to a problem, but rather experimentation drives many
projects, efforts, assignments and ultimately
opportunities to improve.
Quality We strive to produce excellent work that pushes the company upward.
We embrace our responsibilities and enjoy the process of solving problems and providing
effective solutions that add value to our customers.
The company deeply respects the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities individuals brings to
the table.
Team members feel comfortable and confident in having a voice, and trust their ideas will be
well received.
Creativity Team members are fountains of new ideas, fuelling better solutions for our customers.
All team members share the company’s vision and passion and propel it forward with
Accountability Team members are dedicated to their work and take full responsibility for their duties.

This role will learn operational excellence programs of work designed to deliver a high-performance culture, a
sustainable way of working and business improvement activities that driver customer satisfaction. The role is
responsible for assisting NAC Consulting clients drive operational change that creates highly efficient and productive
teams that deliver the organisation goals.


  • Lead the Operations Excellence program of work into a sustainable way of working within an organisation.
  • Influence operational teams across the business to implement and maintain a high-performance culture under

the Operations Excellence framework.

  • Create a continuous improvement culture within an organisation that is lead from the ground up.
  • Apply LEAN methodologies in a practical environment.
  • Read and interpret business critical data to drive insight and organizational influence• Demonstrate thought leadership within an organization.
  • Apply critical thinking to simple and complex problems and situations.
  • Interrogate Operations Excellence data to manage and report on the performance of the business.
  • Drive operational change from within the business by providing insight and direction on efficiency, quality and

customer performance.

  • Ensure that all metrics used to measure quality and efficiency within the business are applied equitably and in

line with the Operations Excellence model.

  • Exhibit effective listening skills and superb communication skills. Actively seek feedback and receive it in nondefensive manner.
  • Operate within governance structures and guidelines to ensure operational risk profiles are maintained.


  • Assist various business units in meeting agreed efficiency targets and helping to realise business benefits as a


  • Assist with the design, build and implementation of operational excellence tools and templates.
  • Central point of reference for administration tasks to manage and report on any business driven timing or

activity changes.

  • Developing reports for public release and dissemination nationally and internationally.
  • Preparing research, analysis and advice to shape the national policy agenda.
  • Preparing documents and projects in accordance with contracts and internal quality standards.
  • Developing stakeholder engagement material to support project outcomes.
  • Liaising with clients and managing stakeholder relationships.
  • Participating in professional development and capacity building initiatives.
  • Supporting business administration activities.
  • Coordinating and managing select projects and tasks.


Demonstrated technical skills in:

  • Business analytics – reading and interpreting data to

deliver insights.

  • Communication – ability to deliver communications

verbally or in written format that are influential,
inspiring and meaningful.

  • Thought leadership – apply critical thinking and

innovative ideas to common and irregular problems.

  • People leadership – the applicant must demonstrate

a high level of emotional intelligence that drives a
sense of natural leadership that can be nurtured.

  • Agile – ability to think on your feet and make the

best out of any situation.

  • A bachelor’s degree or Diploma in a relevant discipline.
  • Proficient Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills.
  • Professional working experience (e.g. internships,

cadetships, graduate program).

Demonstrated experience in:

  • Completing complex tasks in a diligent and practical


  • Applying gained knowledge to solve complex problems.
  • Overcoming obstacles and delivering a great result,

despite the odds.

  • Applying strong logical reasoning attributes to routine


  • Ability to manage multiple projects and competing

How to Apply
Does this role sound perfect for you? If so, to register your interest in this role, please send through your CV to complex problems by observing
your businessYou can’t take data or what people say to the bank, you
must observe

  • Critical thinking is asking the right questions, not

prescribed solutions

  • Challenge experience and repetition to understand

critical tasks

  • Investigate interdependencies and their impact on

performanceArticulate insights in a meaningful way

  • Identify performance and opportunity gaps
  • Reveal the organisations true performance
  • Say things in simple sentences with a number
  • Provide next step action plan Collaborate to deliver precise and

deliberate solutionsBuild implementation plan

  • Engage us to make it happen or own and execute yourself
  • Deliver best in market Operations Excellence
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer to create organisational resilience

that remains long after we leave

  • Provide business leadership to navigate change
Salary Details*
Salary Type Normal Wages
Base Salary $0
Superannuation 9.5%
Bonus offered No
Total Package $0
* Salary details are calculated without bonus and monthly payout as per tax bracket without tax threshold and other allowances. Its always good to confirm these details with the employer or recruiter.
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